I take a measured, long-term approach to SEO


to make sure your website not only reaches it’s potential but stays there.

Local SEO Marketing Maidstone Kent.

It starts with Website optimisation

I look to see if there has been any previous SEO work carried out on the website by another SEO company, and using SEO tools, look to see if there are any reports for a baseline. If website search engine optimisation has not been carried out before then I will carry out an SEO analysis on the websites’ homepage and work my way through each page to see the volume of the keywords the customer already has included on the site.

We talk about your goals and what SEO work means to you?

I talk to you about what you want to get from the SEO audit. We discuss what your goals are? For example, what are the most important pages on your site? Are you selling a product or a service and want to drive your traffic in this direction? Are you looking to appear on the first page of all the search engines? We also discuss the SEO work and what I will require from you. We discuss how often I will update you on progress and when we meet compare the work carried out to the original baseline. We will continually measure progress.

Advertising and current tracking statistics

What forms of search engine advertising have you been using? What is your current marketing strategy? Are you currently tracking your website statistics in line with a campaign? Do you have an SEO report? What is your current SEO ranking? Have you used Google Adwords before or do you just want to focus on outperforming your competitors in the SEO organic search rankings?

It continues with Link Building

There are many companies that will give you what may seem like a quick win with many links created from your website to others on the world wide web. Previously, you would have been rewarded for this, but companies like Google now penalise you for having links to sites that have either been blacklisted or offer you the chance of an easy link. I will focus on providing long-lasting quality links to sites with Domain Authority, which, in the eyes of the search engines is very important for SEO rank.

We also talk about Social Media

Whether you tweet or update your status in Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or Tumblr, you cannot miss out on the opportunities afforded to business via Social Media. After all, advertising and marketing your business is free using these mediums. So, I will look at what you have done so far and how it is tied to your website, and not only look for opportunities to standardize your posts but also to schedule them to tie in with when your traffic to your site is at its peak.

SEO IS rocket science.

Climbing the rankings takes effort. Building relationships online with other reputable business and customers doesn’t happen overnight. For a very competitive fee each month, you can allow me to take care of that worry for you while you take core of your business. Tie this in with a brand new website like the Billboard, the Brochure, the Magalogue, or the Magalogue Plus and you’ll soon be ahead of the competition.

Price is dependent on the SEO Services that you require but a typical months work on a website that has already been set up for SEO is what you see quoted here. If you require a new website with SEO then we can meet and I can quote you for that service.

Be a wise cat!

Contact me today to arrange an SEO Audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be number one in all the search engines?

Statistically, those websites that rank number one in Google get 42% of the clicks from the visitors. The answer is that you can compete with other local business but don’t even attempt to take on such giants like Amazon or Ebay. As part of the website search optimisation we will look at the competition and see how far away we are from them. We will not only target short and long tail keywords but will focus on targeted traffic. We will look at a heat map of your site and see where it is performing best. Are the visitors clicking on your preferred links? How long do they stay on the page once they have clicked on it?

What is your refund policy?

I offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 5 days of your commitment. If you decide to change your mind, then I will refund any payment I have received. Don’t forget you can choose to end our agreement at any time. I am not a large corporation and would want you to be completely satisfied with the service you are receiving.

Don't be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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