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Preparing and Importing an Excel Spreadsheet for Mailchimp

Preparing and Importing an Excel Spreadsheet for Mailchimp A Web Design Pro.co step by step guide Introduction The task of preparing an excel spreadsheet for importing e-mail addresses into Mailchimp can be completed using the process below The Excel Spreadsheet...

Duplicating a product in Woocommerce

Need a little help making life a little easier with creating new products in Woocommerce? Then you need this tutorial to help you speed up the process, plus there are some useful links to Woocommerce themselves

The Death of Internet Explorer

Back-stabbed for years, IE has succumbed to the simpler and feature rich Google Chrome. Now, let's be honest. Does anyone still use IE? Really, you do? Have you been living on Mars? Do you know what you have done? Having been overtaken by Google's attempt at a web...

Are Web Designers worth it?

  Web Design. Would you pay as much as Victoria Beckham?   Of the thousands of web developers and designers in the world there are few that would argue that being paid £670,000 for creating and maintaining a website would not be highly desirable. We would...

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