With WordPress Websites, it's important to stay up to date

or your website could be vulnerable. Hackers target the vulnerable every day. Is your site up to date?

Wordpress websites are a target for hackers

Because the WordPress Content Management System now powers 30% of all websites in the world!
As website owners have come to understand that the best sites are created using WordPress, they also understand they must be maintained.

So, if you wouldn't leave your car with bald tyres or your boiler without a service,

Don’t let intruders ruin the site you either built yourself or had built.

Our Security and Website Maintenance package takes care of all your needs. First, we look at the age of the site, the server (or web hosting company it is on) and the existing security features offered by the host that are available. We run scans through your site looking for vulnerabilities close any potential open doors and ensure that any persistent attempts to compromise your site are blocked using our security software.

Once a month, we ensure that your WordPress site is updated alongside your chosen theme and plugins. We check that the backup regime is working for the themes files and database. We check to ensure these backups are not being stored on the same server. Before we start any upgrade the site is fully backed up (both database and wordpress) and can return your installation to a previous version within minutes should there be a problem. 

What else do you get for your £30?

  • Themes updated – You always get two themes with your WordPress package from Web Design Pro – One is the main theme and the second is a back up theme
  • Plugins updated – All WordPress websites have a number of plugins added during installation and these need to stay in step with the WordPress core CMS and the themes.
  • Version of PHP checked and also upgraded if necessary.
  • Site speed checks completed – After a site is upgraded, the WordPress site should always be tested for quick loading.
  • Disk space checked for the installation and the e-mail accounts that have been set up. as your business grows so does .
  • How does Google see your site? – We check that Google has not served you with any manual actions and that any internet addresses the search engine cannot found are either re-directed on your website or removed from Google’s search robot. Also, if we see that sites that are linking to your site are potentially hurting your ranking we discuss this with you and remove them via Google’s disavow option.

Wordpress Website Maintenance

So, let me take care of your website while you take care of other important things.

How about Support?

What If I need help?

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Now, how about optimising your site for SEO?

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