With WordPress Websites, it's important to stay up to date

or your website could be vulnerable. Hackers target the vulnerable every day. Is your site up to date?

Wordpress is the most targeted of all the sites

And that’s because like all great brands, website owners know that the best sites are created using WordPress.

So, if you wouldn't leave your car with bald tyres or your boiler without a service,

Don’t let intruders ruin the site you either built yourself or had built.

My Security and Website Maintenance package takes care of all your needs. First, we look at the age of the site, the server (or web hosting company it is on) and the existing security features offered by the host that are available. I run scans through your site looking for vulnerabilities and close the any open doors.

Once a  month, I ensure that your WordPress site is updated alongside your chosen theme and plugins. I also check that the backup regime is working for the themes files and database. I check to ensure these backups are not being stored on the same server.

Wordpress Website Maintenance

So, let me take care of your website while you take care of other important things.

Support costs

Now, how about optimising your site for SEO?

Is your site going to appear high in the rankings?

Take me to the SEO Page
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